We are privileged to be working with a very strong supplier base capable of meeting your requirements at the most competitive price and lead time.

Our Service &

Our Business Policy

  • Factory and product sourcing
  • Product development
  • Factory evaluations
  • Price negotiations
  • Sampling follow-up
  • Merchandising follow-up
  • Quality control inspections
  • Shipping coordination
Our Business Policy
  • Lowest price with highest quality
  • In time delivery
  • 60-75 days lead time.
  • Minimum Order Qty: No Limit.(We can do any Qty Order)
  • GSP A certificate ( Duty free goods)
We are ready to give the optimum satisfaction, to carry out all responsibilities and to take challenges required for working with our valued customers. You can email us to e-mail address info@apparelfashionbd.com.

Our Specialty &

Quality Assurance

We are also responsible for quality control and can issue Inspection Certificate (IC). We have skilled independent quality assurance team to ensure consistent quality. "We follow in line AQL 1.5,2.5 & 4 and all other relevant inspections are done.

Our Specialty
  • Extensive sampling service
  • Sales samples/photo samples as per your requirements
  • Quick quotation!
  • Instant mail response!
  • Responsible and Committed!
Quality Assurance
  • OKOTEX Standard/good quality
  • ISO standard/good quality!
  • Exclusive workmanship!
  • Pre-shrink and AZO free goods!
  • Colorfastness guarantee,
  • Can provide any test report on request!
Q.C team make final Inspection of goods from ready carton & submit report to Management..

Final Random Inspection (FIR):

Final random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. FRI is performed according to the International Inspection Standards. The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it cover the criteria such as design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

Status Reporting

Status report is based on multi-state inspection and transmitted to the buyers. The production progress is analyzed in relation to delivery terms and suitable course of action is taken to ensure that goods are delivered in time. The consignment is allowed for shipment if only it is unto the buyers required standard.

We are always ready to provide any possible assistance to you and you are always welcome if you want to contact us regarding any requirement. We hope we will be able to satisfy you with our experience, sincerity and fidelity. We knit your Desire always with a warm smile.

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